You often hear stories from women stating that their abusers attempted to maintain control by threatening them with their children. Some of those stories may seem far-fetched to those of you who have not lived that reality. Let me share my truth.

My ex, Kent Smith, is President of Langston University, which has been key in his having certain connections to wield influence. He threatened to take my children if I ever went public about domestic abuse and immediately launched a smear campaign attacking my mental state.

The months that ensued were a nightmare. I filed complaints with the Board of Regents and made them aware that LUPD was being used to harass and stalk me. He’s filed so many court actions against me it’s hard to keep track.

– July 2014 protective order alleging he feels threatened due to my mental state

– December 2015 protective order filed alleging he fears for his safety due to the publication of my book

– February 2016 filed defamation lawsuit regarding the publication of my book.

– May 2016 I opted to have a JURY TRIAL out of frustration for so many contempt motions being filed in connection with my book. This is RARE but I felt it was necessary. Jury verdict- not guilty

The list goes on. And the University has supported his actions- because to do otherwise would be an admission that they failed to address corruption when it was first identified.

I wrote a book about my experiences. I empowered other survivors through my filmmaking platform and other endeavors all while dealing with retaliatory efforts by my ex.

Now, in the past week he has claimed I abused my children. Police have been sent to my home for child welfare checks; DHS has gotten involved… the cycle is continuous and as a result I have not seen my children in over a week.

I am sharing my story because THIS IS REAL LIFE. Any time you doubt someone’s experiences with abuse, assault, etc. you are diminishing their voice and helping the abuser to continue to perpetuate the abuse, control and manipulation. For that reason, I will always share my truth and support survivors.

I am a Mother, Attorney, Author, Filmmaker and Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence. To learn more about my projects and join this collective effort visit