This has been an amazing, fun-filled weekend! The highlight of my weekend was being inducted as a new member of The Links, Incorporated. It was truly an honor and an experience that reminded me of the importance of friendship and sisterhood.

The Links, Incorporated is a service organization comprised of women who are committed to enriching African American communities and do so through countless service hours. They are professional women who utilize their individual and combined talents to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and various other professional organizations. When seeking membership in any new organization I always analyze the concepts that make the group interesting and what value I feel I could add by being a member. The common thread of most of my affiliations is this: sisterhood and service.

I often wonder what are the things that cause women who are not biologically related to establish a unique bond and create an effective sisterhood. I feel this is achieved when women consistently embody key characteristics and are committed to making the euphoric concept of sisterhood a reality.

What is it then that makes a great sister, thereby creating a bond of sisterhood? Sisters are honest and transparent. They support each other. They share common interests and values. They are genuine, loyal and kind.
Sisters give constructive criticism. They mentor each other and lead by example. They celebrate each other’s victories and successes. They encourage each other and hold each other’s hands through the valleys. They are respectful and dependable. Sisters are trustworthy confidants and friends.

Sisters embrace diversity of thoughts and have effective dialogue. They nurture each other’s ideas and encourage growth in all aspects of each other’s lives. Sisters are guided by the highest ethical standards and strive for excellence in all that they do. They acknowledge their mistakes and accept wise counsel. Sisters possess a spirit of gratitude and show appreciation for the kindness of others. They know their worth and understand that beauty is exuded from the inside out. Sisters practice self-care and are aware of their emotional wellbeing so that they can be of greater service to others.

Sisters are knowledgeable leaders and involved in their communities. They eagerly engage in selfless service and recognize that even small acts of kindness can make a huge difference. At a luncheon this weekend, a sister used her gift of song to capture the attention of the audience. As she began to sing a gospel song entitled “Secret Place” she delivered inspiration and provided a refuge from whatever thoughts might have been consuming the audience moments before she approached the microphone. She was poised and humble yet operated confidently in her gift, all important characteristics that a sister should possess. Sisters don’t waste their talents; they bless others through their gifts. Sisters are motivational and inspiring. A sister resides constantly in love.

It was a blessing to experience the level at which sisterhood was exhibited this past weekend. To be in the presence of the ladies of the Oklahoma City Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was energizing. They are accomplished women whom I admire personally and professionally. They have huge hearts and made sure this weekend was filled with abounding love. The joyous moments shared served as a reminder that sisterhood is vital to our success as women and exemplary service is an obligation for us all.

Have a great week!