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I am so excited to finish my first book, thanks to a great publishing team- Expected End Entertainment! Order your copy of Authentic Me and let me know your thoughts! I appreciate your support. xoxo #AuthenticMe #TeamEX3 #ExpectedEndEntertainment


Authentic Me is a story of strength, perseverance and faith. The author reveals details of a tumultuous marriage rippled with domestic abuse, infidelity and psychological manipulation. These painful, private truths are masked by the appearance of a perfect public lifestyle which causes her to harbor guilt and internalize pain. At her breaking point, she must decide to uncover the mask and rediscover her authentic self. As she begins down the path of purposeful healing, she realizes that the most difficult yet necessary part of her journey would be the ability to forgive.


Life happens, and rarely goes according to plan. There are moments when you face problems that seem insurmountable. Your faith is tested. You find yourself broken and wonder if you can continue on. You begrudgingly begin each day and cover your pain with a mask. Underneath the mask lies the authentic truth of who you are.

Authentic Me details a story filled with turmoil as emotional experiences of domestic abuse and infidelity are revealed. A marriage to Kyle causes the main character to be thrust into a series of public roles. Their lives become a whirlwind of public events and publicity stunts, and she is the star of the performance. Failure to perform at her full potential results in abuse. Those who should protect her become enablers of further abusive situations. The message is clear: she should remain silent or suffer the consequences.

Her failure to acquiesce would force her to pay the ultimate price as she finds herself in a custody battle for her children. At her breaking point, she must decide whether to succumb to defeat or live victoriously. The choice is hers.

To save herself, she taps into her faith and reconnects to the core of who she is. She quickly realizes that her healing must be purposeful and will only begin once she uncovers the mask, peels away the hurt layer by layer and lives her truth.