Authentic Conversations is a weekly motivational podcast show, hosted by Tiffany Hill, delivering a range of content including self-worth, relationships, parenting, professional development and physical, emotional & spiritual health.

Below is a recap of the first five episodes. All episodes are available on iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. Like, listen, share and engage in Authentic Conversations! “To live authentically is the ultimate form of happiness.”

  • Episode 1. Authenticity: There’s Layers To This

In this inaugural episode we discuss what it means to be authentic, why authenticity is important and key steps for living an authentic life!

  • Episode 2. Transform Your Life

In this episode we discuss ways to transform our lives through positive thinking, personal accountability, and healthy relationships.

  • Episode 3. Spring Cleaning: Let’s Get Organized

This episode explores time management tips to help us operate more efficiently in our professional lives.

  • Episode 4. Selecting a Pediatrician For Your Family

Join us with special guest Dr. Celeste Wallace as we discuss important factors to consider when choosing a pediatrician and how to effectively advocate for your child’s medical needs.

  • Episode 5. From Suicide to Success

Join us with David Threatt, author of “And Then I Woke Up: From Suicide to Success.” In this podcast episode we discuss the myths surrounding mental illness and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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